Evergreen Timbers - Timber Talk 12-16-20

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Here we are less than ten days to Christmas

Hello All      

Here we are less than ten days to Christmas.  I do not think I have met many who feel in the Christmas Spirt this year.   In efforts to try to make it brighter and put some light in our lives, we launched a Christmas Lights contest.  The local paper is running an article on line; please look at Langley Times, Dan Ferguson for some pictures and a lovely write up.    The winners will be declared at the end of the week.  Very hard to decide as many in our independent buildings have really gone all out.

Our goal was achieved!

In January, if the numbers continue to drop we will look into having all meals served in the dining room again.  For now, we will continue to deliver one meal per day to each resident.   Christmas day is a different story however.   Christmas dinner will be served in the dining room.   A few of us are volunteering our time to come in a serve that day and do our best to make it as festive as possible.   Welcoming all at the entrance of the dining room is a fantastic garland made by Kim.   Love it!

Carole E has brought forward a brilliant idea about a Tree of Hope.  With that, we invite all to hang an ornament with your prayer or wishes for the year to come.  

More to come next week   


Stay Safe…Stay strong